Prachodana Insights


Our Mission is to bring awareness in the community, organize vulnerable sections and empower them through training, exposure, seminars, workshops and the creation of networks and linkages. Thus we hope to achieve sustainable, developmental changes in education, health, environment and the socio-economic-political status through participatory approaches.

PRACHODANA is a non government voluntary organization (NGO) in Hassan, Karnataka, India. Since 1994 we are working for the development of the backward and disadvantaged population in the society.

Our aim is it to empower poor and vulnerable people in order to improve their situation sustainably. Furthermore we want to enable them to engage actively in the society that they can change their situation on their own. Therefore we want to create the awareness that the socio-economic development of the disadvantaged people can only be possible by their active involvement in all sectors and in all levels of the society. In our mind it is really important to start our work from the grass-root up to the level of policy makers.

For the realization of our aims, we work with:

  • Woman
  • Children (drop out children and child labour), formal school going children, etc.
  • Agricultures farmers and landless labours
  • Youth

We focus on these following key points

  • Health, awareness and activies
  • Education, especially awareness building that education for children is indispensable
  • Economics, including microfinance and financial trainings
  • Environment raise awareness for the protection of natural resources


Our NGO PRACHODANA works in 426 villages in Hassan and Kodagu District. Since 1994, we founded 1300 Self Help Groups which are involving 20 800 families.

Especially children are a very important target group of our work. To give every child the possibility of education is one of our biggest aims. Therefore we run a bridge school in Hassan for dropout children and child labours.

Since the rights of children are often violated Prachodana implements the CHILDLINE 1098 as a collaborative Organisation of the Childline India Foundation Chennai. We provide a 24 hours service in Hassan district for children who are in need of care and protection.